Housing Agreement Terms

The University of Saint Francis reserves the right to refuse on-campus housing to any person who, through the sole and exclusive judgment of the Office of Residential Life, is a danger to himself/herself or to others. Likewise, the university also reserves this right in cases where serious circumstances exist and it is in the best interest of the student and the university.

All students at USF are expected to know and comply with the following regulations which pertain to residence hall life:

  • USF agrees to provide residence hall rooms beginning with the day designated by the USF Office of Residential Life for arrival on campus and ending the day following the resident’s last academic examination. It is understood and agreed that the room may not be available for occupancy by the resident between spring and fall semesters and during holiday recesses unless otherwise signed into an addendum agreement (i.e., new apartments).
  • The resident agrees to pay USF by the date requested by the Business Office for each academic semester for room and board.
  • The resident agrees to pay a $200 security deposit for the residence halls. This amount will be refunded, based on the terms and conditions of the housing contract, when a student does not return to campus and upon fulfillment of the terms of residence including liabilities.
  • Residents are expected to act within USF policies and within local, state and federal laws. University policies are stated in the Student Handbook. Use of drugs, including alcohol, is prohibited on campus. Opposite gender visitation guidelines are listed in the Student Handbook. Firearms and fireworks are strictly prohibited on campus. Students violating university policies are subject to disciplinary actions.
  • The university reserves the right to make changes in room assignments whenever it seems advisable, including the right to make changes in rooms or residence halls as a result of sanctions.
  • The university shall accept no responsibility for the theft or loss of monies, valuables or other personal possessions of the student. In most cases, students are covered by parents’ extended homeowner protection. Students are encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance if the extended homeowner protection is not an option.
  • The resident agrees that the room shall be used only as a living accommodation and that no commercial operations shall be carried on therein.
  • Rooms are to be occupied by the resident who resides there only. Cohabitation or sub-leasing is prohibited.
  • Furniture belonging to the university shall not be removed from the room except by university officials.
  • All residents are responsible for the residence hall or other areas in which they live. Cost of repairs, replacement or cleaning of damaged property in a residence hall will be charged to the student(s) responsible for the vandalism if they are known or group billing will occur.
  • The university reserves the right of entry by custodial and maintenance personnel in performance of necessary repairs and improvements to the residence facility. The university also reserves the right of entry by authorized personnel to protect the health and welfare of the student and university community when there is a belief that a violation of civil regulations or of any university regulation is being committed, or in any emergency situation.
  • USF full-time students are given fist consideration for residence system housing. Students residing on campus must be enrolled by the first day of classes of the respective semester to remain living in the halls for the remainder of that semester.
  • The execution of the provisions in this agreement is conditioned upon the ability of the resident to fulfill the admission requirements for the university.