Roommate Matching

When you fill out the housing contract as an incoming, returning, or transfer student, you will complete a survey that the Office of Residential Life & Housing will use to pair roommates. We want to know about your study habits, sleep preferences and even how loud you like your music. It’s important that you (not your parents) complete the housing contract. You may also request a specific roommate if you have met someone compatible through your Admission process or at your overnight NSO! However, we always encourage people to be cautious about rooming with a current friend. Sometimes best friends don’t make for the best roommates!

USF takes a very personal approach to roommate matching, and we work hard to find the best fit for each student. Not every match is perfect, however. We ask that you be open-minded when you arrive and remember that we have an open room-switch period two weeks after classes begin and at the semester break. If you have a room change request, be sure meet with your RA to work out a solution.

When will I find out who my roommate is?

The Office of Residential Life & Housing will be making housing assignments throughout the summer. All assignments will be completed by the month of July. You may check your Residence Information under Student Housing on Cougar Connection towards the beginning of August. This link will include information on your building and room number, as well as who your roommate is and information on how to contact your roommate.